ANC Computer and Laptop Repairs is a well-established repair business with a reputation for providing a quality and reliable service. We take on all types of computer repair work (software and hardware) including computers, laptops, and tablets. All our work is carried out to the highest standards and at very competitive prices.

ANC Computer & Laptop Repairs has a proven track record in successfully repairing computers, laptops, and tablets, as well as our goal, is to meet and exceed the expectations of every customer. We take on all types of computer repair work from software related or hardware which are all carried out to the highest standards and at very competitive prices.

Is the laptop running slow?

There could be several factors, that are causing a computer or laptop to run slow. To attempt any repairs, the best practice is to backup all your important data. Once your data has been backed up please take the following steps before contacting us.

Slow Computer

Here is the list which you can check respectively to diagnose the problems

  • Unwanted programs running in the background, if you could see any in the task manager, then disable them.
  • Scan your computer with anti-virus
  • Clear up the junk files and history, from Disk clean-up
  • Clean up history from a browser, if your browser  loads up with  several pop-ups, then reset the browser settings to factory default
  • Make sure all the drivers are updated, in device manager

if you still need to diagnose further please contact us on 07865122517 for free advice, and we will give your best advice to solve your computer or laptop issues.

The laptop screen is broken, smashed, cracked?

It is very unfortunate when a tablet screen is cracked, I phone screen is smashed, the laptop screen is broken. But nothing to worry as we give best and affordable advice.

If you want to buy replacement screen or computer parts or if you want us to replace and fixed it for you then please contact on 07865122517 or you can visit a local computer shop or store near me.

PS4, PlayStation 4 repair?

Having an issue with your Sony PlayStation 4, PS4? Don’t worry. We can help you.

We deal with several issues with PlayStation such as

PS4 is overheating, Fan is noisy, Hard drive needs replacing, HDMI port is broken, showing no signal on screen and stuck in safe mode.

HDD to SSD upgrade

If your computer is running very slow, despite having good RAM and Processor, then it could be the mechanical hard drive processing slow.

If you have personal data to backup or to recover we could also do that for you prior to installing fresh SSD.

Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade.

As you are aware, Microsoft has stopped the security updates for windows 7. it means computers or laptops running windows 7 are vulnerable to security threats and viruses.  We provide windows upgrade to windows 10. please contact us for best possible options and solutions.